Gazprom announced that it started to fill its European storage facilities

Network operator data shows signs of increasing gas supplies from Russia although at a low level

10 November 2021

On Tuesday, Russian gas giant Gazprom announced that it has begun to fill five out of eight underground storage sites that the state-owned company controls in Europe. The group said in a statement “the volumes and routes of gas transport have been determined” for four sites in Germany and one in Austria.

Gazprom controls eight underground storage sites in five European countries through Gazprom Germania, its subsidiary. Rehden, which is located in Germany and is the largest site in Western Europe, was as of 7 November, just 9,6% full while Haidach, another important storage facility in Austria was only 2% full, significantly below historic levels. Last year, during the same period, Rehden was 86,21% full.

“The level of filling of gas storage facilities operated by the Gazprom group has been increasing since November 6,” said the Executive Director of the German Association of Underground Gas Storage Operators (INES) Sebastian Bleschke for the German newspaper Handelsblatt. Bleschke also added, “since Saturday, the accumulation process is being carried out again in the Reden gas storage facility, albeit at a low level.”

Wednesday morning, network operator data showed that Rehden has been receiving 406,875 kWh since early Tuesday while at another two sites, Jemgum in Germany and Haidach in Austria, there were no receipts.