Gazprom increased its gas supplies to Romania by more than 247%

Deliveries to Germany and Italy are almost 20% higher

16 November 2021

According to preliminary data published by Gazprom, in the period from January 1 until November 15, the Russian gas giant increased its exports to Europe and Turkey, excluding former Soviet Union countries, by 8,3% compared to the figure for the same period of 2020.

Deliveries to Germany, the largest consumer of natural gas in Europe, increased by 19,6%. Gazprom also increased gas exports to Italy, the third-largest gas consumer in Europe, after Germany and the UK, by 18,3%. According to the company, exports to Romania are 247,1% higher, by far the biggest increase among the 10 European countries mentioned in the statement.

Despite increased gas supplies to Europe, the inventories at the gas storage facilities controlled by Gazprom are “not only increasing but even decreasing”, according to Inventories at Rehden, the largest underground storage facility owned by the Russian giant in Germany are at a critical low level of just 10%, compared to 83,85% a year ago.

Filling Gazprom’s facilities to at least 80% will be practically impossible this year. To do this, the company has to maximize the capacity of the Yamal pipeline, which is unlikely as the company failed to book additional capacity via Ukraine and Poland for November and December.

Meanwhile, data from the Gas Infrastructure Europe shows that storage capacity in Europe as of 14 November is at 74%, far below 93% recorded a year ago. At the same time, Romania’s gas storage sites were 72,75% full, comparable to the EU average.